Our Mission Statement

is to assist each client thoroughly, whether they are experiencing a haunting, or simply wish to communicate with the deceased reaching out to be heard. We strive to treat each client as an individual with respect, compassion, empathy and love. We seek to gather evidence which will benefit the scientific community, and will stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

A Little About Us

SPIRIT Alabama was formed in 2019 by Terri Wilson with the support of Father K. Stone and Big Daddy after discovering that the teams with which they were previously associated did not meet the strict standards of evidence-gathering and investigation they sought. Wanting to focus strictly and rigorously on the analysis of paranormal phenomena, Terri decided to form her own team and recruit like-minded individuals to assist her in this goal. These ideals are espoused in the SPIRIT name: Scientific Paranormal Inspection Research Investigation Team. Terri has amassed over 25 unique investigations in multiple regions throughout the United States, and have left clients enamored with their work nationwide.

A unique, key goal of the SPIRIT team is to be accepting and open-minded towards all spiritualities, religions, and belief systems. We feel this is integral to having a healthy relationship with our clients and respecting the deceased. We seek to transcend any biases and promote an open dialogue between us, our clients, and with those beyond the grave. Headquartered in Alabama, we are familiar with the common stigmas associated with our work, and are willing to provide discretion as necessary for the safety of our team and our clients.

Furthermore, we are the resident Paranormal Team of the Kymulga Grist Mill historical area and campground in Childersburg, Alabama – our home turf! We investigate regularly, communicate with park leadership, and host events. Please come visit and support the park if you are in the area, it is beautiful; just make sure to keep it clean for the next visitor!

SPIRIT Alabama is proudly woman-owned and operated!

We have some male team members and associates, but the SPIRIT Alabama team is very proudly owned and operated by women! The vast majority of our operation is handled entirely by female staff – and believe me, we like it that way. SPIRIT hosts a number of powerful, inspiring women who have taken the plunge and are here to defy all stereotypes and break new ground in the paranormal world. If that bothers you, we are not the team for you; we love and appreciate our women and are here up uplift and support them! Please follow our lead!

What We Offer

SPIRIT Alabama offers a number of services to our clients. Whether it be a home, a park, a business, or any other location, SPIRIT Alabama is equipped to help you. We provide a number of methods of cleansing to remove paranormal activity from any given location. Terri Wilson practices a form of cleansing used across many different cultures for centuries. SPIRIT Alabama is connected with other paranormal teams, ministries and spiritual organizations for support if needed.

The SPIRIT Team will also investigate and provide post-mortal communication without cleansing, if the client so desires. Many clients want the peace of mind of knowing that the knocks and bumps in the night are, in fact, paranormal activity at their residence. As stated previously, we as a team seek to provide evidence of the paranormal to the scientific community at large, and any form of investigation allows us to build our evidence bank.

Under our Files section, clients will also find the Post-Mortal Affidavit. This is a document provided by the team for those who wish to utilize it to confirm post-mortal activity and communication for a given person. If a client or a loved one (or friend, et cetera) wishes to submit this document to the team, it will allow us to confirm communication with the deceased via a system comparable to security questions you might find on a webpage. This is optional, but a service we offer to the community nonetheless.

An important consideration to make when booking us as a paranormal team is that many times, activity that is thought to be paranormal is not. We utilize tools which allow us to determine whether or not there is in fact activity, but also allow us to potentially find a source that is firmly rooted in the living world – things like a damaged microwave or oven, car lights through trees at certain moments, or a dusty environment causing backscatter in digital photographs. We are not biased towards debunking the paranormal, but we will only accept or provide evidence that we feel meets our standards of analysis. At times, we cannot say with certainty whether an activity is paranormal or not, solely due to the number of variables at play. Similarly, there are certain tools we cannot reliably use for evidence. This includes “Spirit Box” style phone or computer applications, unless we have vetted them by looking at their source code to confirm they do not use pre-programmed vocabulary banks or other “confirmation bias” inducing programming. We are happy to use them with our clients and on our own time, but we will never provide evidence based on output from them in our final reports.

A final note worth considering is that paranormal investigations and cleansing are often not a one night affair. We know specifically of a particular investigation and cleansing that took over 7 months to complete. It can be time consuming and extended over months or years. This is, obviously, not always the case – but we feel that this is an important thing to point out to our potential clients. We make ourselves available to you as much and as often as needed, and will not stop until the job is complete. Please be aware that this can be an on-going process and you may not receive results immediately. Do not let this deter you, we guarantee you will once again sleep peacefully once we have completed our duties.

What Will It Cost Me?

Nothing! SPIRIT Alabama is dedicated to the marriage and progress of science and the paranormal world. We are service provided to you for free, to benefit you, us, and the world at large. We are a hard-working, dedicated team seeking to build an undeniable body of evidence for the paranormal, while assisting you with your needs – these things go hand in hand.
Donations are always appreciated greatly to help provide lodging, equipment, per diem, and other necessities for the team, especially if we have traveled a long distance to work with you. This is by no means required. Our investigations are a labor of love and passion. If a donation is to be provided, the team will be equipped with Venmo or other banking application, and there will be a donations section on the homepage of the spiritalabama.org website.

How Do I Book You?

By using the Files and Contact Us section! We have a client-intake specialist on our team who will be happy to assist you in booking an investigation. Under our Files section, clients will find important documents necessary for us to help you. Reach out and contact us through the e-mail or phone number provided on the contact page and touch base with us. Once we have met, the client must fill out both the Investigation Permission Form and the Public Release form, both available as PDF downloads from the files page. You may fill them out, print them, and mail them to us, give them to us upon arrival, or fill them out digitally and e-mail them to us via the e-mail provided on the contact page. This process is also utilized for the Post-Mortal Affidavit.