Documents And Files

Below, clients will find important documents including release forms and other such materials along with a link to download a PDF copy. For those who are interested, you will also find a form known as the Post-Mortal Affidavit, which serves as an optional document that may be filled out and e-mailed to the team to grant permission for post-mortal communication.

At the bottom of the page, clients will find a simple guide to using Adobe Acrobat Reader to sign digital PDF forms for e-mailing and printing. We aim to be accessible to all people, some of whom who may not be as tech savvy as others – if you are already familiar with this process, you are free to ignore it.

Investigation Permission Form

PDF Download:

Public Release Form

PDF Download:

Post-Mortal Affidavit

PDF Download:–Affidavit_of_Post-Mortal_Contact%20%282%29.pdf?dl=0

How Do I Write On These PDF Documents?

Adobe produces a piece of software known as Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is software that many people use to work with PDF files. We recommend using Abode Acrobat reader, as this short guide will utilize it, and it is a common piece of office software that most systems have or will need at some point in time.

FIrstly, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader. You simply need the free version, no payment is required.

Secondly, once Adobe Acrobat Reader has been downloaded, please install the software to your computer by double-clicking and executing the installer you have just downloaded.

Now we get to have some fun. Upon downloading one of our forms, double-clicking on it should either ask if you wish to open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or open in Adobe Acrobat Reader automatically. If this does not work, load up Adobe Acrobat Reader and, in the top left corner of the program, select “File” and click “Open” – the program should open all of your files. Navigate to where you have saved our form, presumably in your Downloads folder, and double-click it.

The document is now open in your Adobe Acrobat Reader software. In the top left corner, click “Tools”, and then in the Tools menu, click “Fill and Sign”. This will open our PDF file in a manner such that you may click inside each of the necessary boxes, and type the required information.

Once you have finished filled out the form, return to the top left corner, and select “File” and then “Save as”. You may now save your filled out PDF form and e-mail it to us, or print it!