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Site is live!

Everything on the site is good to go for now, for the first verion, anyways. We are fully open! I still have a few little things I need to do, namely some updates on our “homebase” and updating events. Otherwise, everything should be up and running! Contact us!


Slowly but surely, we are making progress. We now have a page where you all can get a look at our team, and a files section where you can view and download necessary documents for booking investigations with us. We will be doing an investigation at a location we are hoping to secure as aContinue reading “Progressing…”


I am slowly but surely progressing on the website – hopefully things will be fully up and running by the end of August. As of right now, you will see “Coming soon!” in the various sections, but this will change soon enough to the appropriate information along with contact information. Hope you all are havingContinue reading “Updates”

Hello Everyone!

This is meant to be a friendly, simple message for all new visitors to the site – welcome! As you may have noticed, we are a paranormal investigation team located in Alabama. This blog will be updated as often as possible, and hopefully any large updates will be found here for your reading pleasure.

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